Through the wringer

When I bought the Tumbleweed, I got the entire contents of the buildings — including the old Speed Queen wringer washer Miss Shirley used to do all the laundry for the motel.

The first time I needed clean clothes, I just went out to the laundromat they’ve got in that truck stop near the interstate and read a magazine while the coin-operated machines did their work.

This morning, I went to the laundromat again. About five minutes after I started the machines, some scruffy-looking guy walked in and struck up a one-sided, innuendo-filled conversation with my bustline.

I don’t scare easily, but this guy was far and away the creepiest individual I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. His words and behavior were so unnerving that as soon as I finished the wash, I wound up driving all the way to Santa Rosa just to keep him from following me home.

When I got back to Coldwater, I Googled “how to use a wringer washer” and came up with a detailed article on the most efficient way to do laundry with Miss Shirley’s old machine. I washed a couple of towels tonight, just for practice. It didn’t take terribly long, and it was actually kind of fun.

Something tells me the novelty will wear off in short order, but even if it turns out to be a monumental hassle, it beats listening to some creepy stranger make lascivious comments about the underwear I’m folding.

— Sierra


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