Home improvement

From the “God help us — now she thinks she’s Bob Vila” files: I successfully replaced the drywall in Unit Five today. I only messed up one piece before I figured out that it worked better if Joey helped me hang onto the big sheets while I installed them. It wasn’t really hard, but it was time-consuming, and I had to work slowly and measure things carefully to make sure everything came out right.

I could lay carpet tomorrow, but I think I’d rather replace sinks. (In case you were wondering, I wield a mean faucet wrench.)

In the interest of making the Tumbleweed the best it can possibly be, I have a question for my readers: What is your favorite motel on Route 66 (or anywhere else, for that matter), and what little details make it special? I’ve come up with a pretty good list of stuff I look for in a motel room, but I’d like some input from other people. Any ideas?

— Sierra



  1. Michael · March 11, 2010

    It’s not so much the details in the room. I could care less about a piece of chocolate on the pillow.
    What I enjoy most is a host who asks, “Where y’all from?” before the standard queries of Zip Code and phone number.
    What’s important is local knowledge.
    We stopped in a chain motel in the Piney Woods area of Texas, a college town, one evening and I asked the girl behind the counter, “If you were going out for some really good barbeque ribs, where would you go?”
    She recommended Chili’s.
    We went to Subway.
    The next evening, at a mom-and-pop motel near San Augustine, I asked the same question, and the lady sent us ten miles to a local joint in a former red brick ice house that featured probably the greasiest menus east of the Brazos River and ribs to die for.
    Local knowledge, that’s the ticket.

  2. tumbleweedmotel · March 14, 2010

    Thanks for the input! I once had a similar experience in Oxford, Miss. When I asked about dinner options, the owner of the B&B where I was staying sent me to this crazy little gourmet restaurant in an old general store or something umpteen miles out of town. There’s no way I would have found a place like that on my own. I’m not sure how anybody found the place to begin with. But the food was to die for: roasted quail, crawfish tails, and absolutely killer creme brulee.

    That said, I’m always impressed if I find real bath towels in the bathroom. A lot of motels give you thin, undersized towels that aren’t much use for anything, so I get excited when I see big, fluffy towels like I use at home.

    I’m also fond of the breakfasts at El Rey. I wish I could pull off something that elaborate here, but I just don’t have the space or the manpower to do it.

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