Playing in the mud

I finished taping and mudding all the joints in Unit Five today. I had just enough time and energy left to replace the sink in Three when I finished. Five will have to sit a couple of days while the mud cures, so I might as well finish off Three and Four in the meantime.

I’m really happy with the way this is going. I can’t say drywall is my favorite part of the job, because it requires a lot more patience than I like to exercise, but I’ll only have to do it two more times, and I’m sure that by the time I’ve spent a week or so on the roof, a simple drywall project will start to look good to me.

I did enjoy the sink project. I like plumbing, especially when we’re talking about relatively simple projects. It’s just like wiring — shut off the flow, disconnect the old part, put in the new part, and turn it back on — except it won’t kill you if you screw it up. It might make a colossal mess, but it won’t kill you. Joey likes it, too, so I let him put on the tailpiece extension and connect the gooseneck. I think we’ll do the sinks in Four and Five tomorrow, and then we might take the afternoon off and go for a drive. I haven’t done any serious photography in a long time.

— Sierra


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