Amen and hallelujah

Big, dark clouds were already gathering in the west when Brother Jerry joined me on the roof early this morning with a Bible in his hand and a hammer in his belt. Before I could say “good morning,” he opened the Bible and proceeded to hold a little prayer service right there on the roof.

I can’t remember it precisely, but his prayer was something to the effect that I was doing a good thing by taking care of the Tumbleweed, and when people take a mind to do a good thing, the Lord won’t let anything stop them. He said he was just coming to the Lord like Elisha, asking Him to open my eyes so I could see that.

Then he said amen, and I literally opened my eyes and looked around at the most perfect morning you ever saw for putting on a roof: 60 degrees, just overcast enough to keep us from getting too hot, and the ever-present New Mexico wind suddenly still as a churchmouse.

Next thing I knew, Brother Jerry had that hammer out of his belt, and he helped me get that whole roof shingled before the afternoon was out. We’d no sooner put up the ladder than the scary-looking clouds came back, the wind kicked up, and the temperature dropped to about 25 degrees.

It didn’t occur to me until tonight that I’d just spent an entire day shinnying up and down a ladder and walking around on a roof like one of those monkeys that live in the rainforest canopy. It wasn’t something I forced myself to do. I just did it, like that was a perfectly normal thing for me to be doing. It was like I just forgot I was scared of heights.


I was planning to take tonight off, but as Joey was coming back from the convenience store this evening, he noticed a family struggling to put up a tent in the city park, which is within sight of the Tumbleweed. Joey being Joey, he stopped and struck up a conversation, found out they couldn’t afford a motel room, and asked me if we could give them a room.

Somehow I don’t think it’s a coincidence that God and Brother Jerry handed me a new roof three hours before a family showed up in town needing one over their heads.

— Sierra


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