Sangre Mesa

It’s been pretty cold and overcast around here the past few days, but we had a little sunshine this afternoon — enough for me to get a quick shot of Sangre Mesa.

Looking at those red striations, you can see where they came up with the name. (In case you didn’t know, sangre is the Spanish word for blood.)

According to local legend, Sangre Mesa started out gray, like Tucumcari Mountain and some of the other mesas around here, but it was stained with the blood of the noble warriors who died in an epic battle with a shape-shifting monster that lived on the mountain and used its powers to torture and kill the people of the village below. In honor of their sacrifice, the people named the mountain “Sangre Mesa.”

If you ask me, we ought to play up that legend a little better. It seems like the sort of thing that would sell at least a few coffee mugs and postcards.

— Sierra


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