Too much free time?

I was looking at the doorbell next to the office door today, and I noticed something interesting about it.

Have you ever seen another doorbell with instructions written on it? Was this a standard convention when the Tumbleweed was built, or was this the work of someone with more free time than faith in human intelligence?

Upon closer examination …

… I’d put my money on the latter. Look at the individual indentations in the metal. The irregularities in the spacing and depth of the dots suggest to me that this was not a factory job. It looks to me as if someone hand-chiseled each little dot — 45 of them in all — to make the letters.

Who did this work? Why? Did someone think visitors would have trouble figuring out how to operate the doorbell? Was this done at some point in the distant past, when doorbells were a fancy, newfangled idea that would have been likely to confuse guests? How long did it take to do this? How was it done?

Living at a slow, deliberate pace gives you time to ponder all sorts of little mysteries. Owning an old motel gives you all sorts of little mysteries to ponder.

— Sierra


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