Rock star

I think I promised a while back that I’d post a picture of Harvey once his barbed-wire wounds healed and we put some weight on him.

This is what he looked like this evening, approximately two minutes after I discovered his talent for destroying furniture. It all started innocently enough: He liked the texture of the papasan pad, so he began licking it, just to feel it against his tongue. One thing led to another, and he forgot himself and started to nibble. A nibble led to a hole, a hole led to the amazing discovery that there is white fluff inside that comfortable seat, and … well, let’s just say he shows real promise as a rock star. He’s already figured out how to trash a hotel room.

His ability to make himself appear small and charming is really all that saves this dog sometimes.

Today was beautiful — about 85 degrees outside, with enough breeze to keep it from getting too hot — so I worked on my exterior painting project. I still have a lot to do, but it’s getting easier to imagine how it will look when it’s all finished.

We had two guests tonight: a guy from Germany who barely spoke English, and a lady from St. Louis who drives the length of Route 66 all by herself at least twice a year. I don’t know how much the German guy understood, but he listened to the lady’s stories for a long time.

Every day, I get more excited about the prospect of entertaining tourists all summer….

— Sierra


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