We had a quiet Easter here at the Tumbleweed. Joey wanted to go to church this morning, so we got up earlier than we normally would on a Sunday and went to Brother Jerry’s church. I was expecting to hear a sermon, but they were doing their Easter cantata, which was even better. Preaching is all well and good, but I’ll take singing over talking any day. The choir was really good, and Brother Jerry even had a couple of solos, which was awesome. I love to hear him sing. Jesus (the bartender, not the Son of God) says he’ll kill me if I tell Brother Jerry that, because he’ll be absolutely insufferable, but really: He’s wonderful.

After church, we had a nutritious lunch of off-brand mac and cheese, accompanied by some celery sticks dipped in ranch dressing, with Cadbury eggs, malted milk balls, and marshmallow Peeps for dessert.

Joey was delighted when I impaled a couple of Peeps on fondue forks and roasted them over the burner. The sugar scorches if you hold the fork still for too long, but if you cook them gently, they just sort of caramelize and get nice and crusty on the outside and gooey on the inside. We ate an entire package of pink bunnies that way.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies while Harvey stretched out across both our laps and took a nap.

An Australian couple with a toddler in tow showed up this evening. They were very nice. I had decorated the lobby with plastic eggs and Easter baskets full of cellophane “grass,” which delighted the little girl to no end. Joey was utterly charmed and wound up using some of the decorations and some of our leftover candy to make the little girl her very own basket.

You never know what’s going to pique Joey’s interest, but odds are 20 to one that whatever it is will involve doing something sweet for somebody else.

I wish I were as consistently kind and patient as he is. The longer I’m here, the more I understand why Miss Shirley kept him around. He’s not here to keep the Tumbleweed in good working order. He’s here to keep the Tumbleweed’s soul in good working order.

— Sierra


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