Stranded traveler

You’ve probably seen news reports about the volcanic ash that’s brought air travel to a screeching halt in Europe. Concern about the impact of the ash on jet engines (apparently humans aren’t alone in our tendency to wheeze when exposed to copious amounts of dust) has prompted safety officials to ground flights all over the place.

If you are a traveler trying to get home, this situation righteously sucks.

If, on the other hand, you are a female motel owner with a weakness for Shakespearean actors, European accents, and attractive middle-aged men … and if a veeeeerrrrry charming middle-aged Irishman who bears a striking resemblance to Kenneth Branagh happens to be stranded in a tiny New Mexico town where you own the only viable lodging option … and if you happen to be sitting outside with your dashing guest, sipping Red Zinger tea and snacking on fondant-glazed lemon-zest-and-poppyseed scones at dusk … and if the two of you happen to be watching a rare — and spectacular — electrical storm over Sangre Mesa … well, you might have a different perspective on the situation, mightn’t you?

God, I love my job….

— Sierra


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