Jack — who is still waiting for the British aviation authorities to allow air traffic to resume — was sitting in the lobby with Joey, pointing out the general location of his hometown on the map, when Dr. Scherer stopped by this afternoon to deliver some cookies that Joyce made for us and reserve a room for a candidate who’s supposed to be in town for an interview next week.

He and Jack struck up a conversation, and the next thing I knew, Jack was agreeing to visit Coldwater Elementary tomorrow. He’s going to be the main attraction in a schoolwide assembly. He’s supposed to talk about Ireland and why he came all the way to the United States just to travel on Route 66 and how he ended up stuck in Coldwater because of a volcano in Iceland.

Dr. Scherer thinks the teachers will be able to pull all kinds of ideas for lessons out of Jack’s stories. I thought it was awfully sweet of him to agree to go and visit with the kids. Dr. Scherer says I’m more than welcome to bring Joey to school to see Jack’s presentation. He’s really excited about the fact that I’m trying to teach Joey to read. So far, Joey has learned three words: cat, grits, and sherbet. He mixes them up sometimes, but he gets them right more often than not. I’m really proud of him.

— Sierra


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