Relaxing Saturday

Today was good and relaxing. Joey and I went over to Tucumcari early this morning to grab breakfast at Kix on 66 (a favorite haunt of mine) and visit Mike at Tepee Curios before heading to the grocery store to pick up supplies.

Joey loves Tepee Curios. He’s like a magpie — obsessed with shiny objects — so a souvenir shop is his vision of heaven. Today, he was utterly fascinated with a coffee mug shaped like a rattlesnake. (I bought it for him, of course.)

We spent the afternoon just puttering around here until dinnertime. The weather was gorgeous today, and I kind of figured we’d see some bikers. I was right: Our guest list this evening includes two couples on Harleys and a guy in a vintage Corvette convertible. They’re all sitting around the fire pit at the moment, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and talking about Route 66. I’ll probably make some hot cocoa and take it out to them in a minute.

— Sierra


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