How to handle an insufferable customer

Dr. Scherer’s first candidate for the principal’s position checked in this evening just as Joey and I were sitting down to dinner. The guy looks like an underwear model, but that’s about all I can say for him.

The first thing he said, upon walking in, was: “Wow — I hope the rooms are more tastefully decorated than the lobby.” Strike one.

Next, he proceeded to talk to and about Joey as if he were somehow less than human. Seriously? Dude is supposed to be an educator, and he can’t show even the slightest modicum of respect or compassion for a developmentally disabled man who is trying to be helpful? Strike two.

When he’d finished criticizing my lobby and talking down to my handyman, he gave me an extremely pointed once-over and asked if I was married. Strike three.

Mostly out of respect for Dr. Scherer, I (barely) suppressed the urge to tell the guy not to let the door hit him in the arse on the way out.

After I ran his credit card and handed him his key, I went into the kitchen to start a batch of biscotti. When I opened the window to let in some air, I overheard our guest talking to somebody on his cell phone. He must have been standing just under the window, because I could hear every word he was saying very clearly.

Was it wrong of me to take the liberty of laying my digital audio recorder on the windowsill so I can share his comments about Coldwater, Joey, and my physical assets with Dr. Scherer tomorrow morning?

— Sierra


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