After our guest checked out this morning, I sent Dr. Scherer a text message, suggesting that he stop by for a cup of coffee today before making any personnel decisions.

He arrived just as I was running the last sheet through the wringer, so I sent Joey out to hang up the laundry while I fired up the espresso machine.

“I know it isn’t my place to tell you whom you should or shouldn’t hire, especially since I’ve never been an administrator or anything,” I began, “but I thought you really ought to know how your candidates treat people when you aren’t interviewing them, and–”

Dr. Scherer stopped me. “My secretary’s description was ‘arrogant pr*ck,'” he said. “Would you consider that a fair assessment?”

I laughed. “That sounds about right.” I pointed toward the cookie jar. “There’s fresh biscotti if you want it. I baked it last night while listening to your candidate stand outside the kitchen window on his cell phone and talk trash about Joey, about Coldwater, and about me. After the first snotty comment about Coldwater, I took the liberty of setting my audio recorder on the windowsill. It’s all cued up, if you’d like to hear it — just push the playback button.”

I couldn’t hear most of the recording, because the espresso machine was making too much noise as I frothed the milk for our cappuccinos, but I could tell when he got to the part where the guy started talking about me, because his eyes widened, and he blushed.

Something tells me we won’t be seeing any more of last night’s guest.

On a more or less unrelated note, the guests who arrived this evening were absolutely delightful. A traveling evangelist and his wife are leading a revival at Brother Jerry’s church, and they brought their two young daughters, whom they are homeschooling. The girls, who are 6 and 8, hung on Joey’s every word as he proudly showed off his guest map. The three of them spent a long time talking about all the places on the map, and the girls’ mom offered to include Joey in their lessons tomorrow. They were very cool and really helped restore my faith in humanity.

Just after they went to bed, a retired couple from Alabama pulled up on a screaming yellow Gold Wing. They’re headed to Moab, Utah, to spend a week or so at Arches National Park. They were pulling a tiny teardrop camping trailer behind their bike. It was maybe the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. They were quite taken with Harvey, whom they said reminded them of their late collie mix.

Nights like this are why I love the Tumbleweed….

— Sierra


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