Tourist season!

Wow. We’ve been booked up for two consecutive nights, and three of my rooms are booked for tomorrow night, too.

Despite my unpleasant experience with the last guy, I’m pretty excited about the fact that one of tomorrow’s guests is another candidate for the principal’s job. I really hope Dr. Scherer can find somebody good. I get the feeling Joey is becoming kind of a litmus test for these guys: If they’re nice to him, they’ll be considered, and if they aren’t, they should probably take care not to let the door hit them on the way out.

Speaking of Joey, he is beside himself with glee over the number of visitors we’ve had from other countries. His map is really perforated with all the pins he’s been sticking in it lately.

It’s clear, windy, and warm tonight. According to the Weather Channel, the current temperature is 64 degrees. It’s twenty minutes to midnight here in Coldwater, but all of our guests are still sitting around the chiminea, drinking beer out of somebody’s cooler and making s’mores and swapping road stories. It still amazes me that complete strangers will get together and throw impromptu parties like that as soon as they see the chiminea and the lawn chairs.

— Sierra


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