Off the hook

Dr. Scherer’s last candidate for the principal’s position — a woman from somewhere down around El Paso — didn’t materialize. She had a reservation for tomorrow night, but I bumped into Dr. Scherer at Tacos de Jesus this afternoon, and he said he had just gotten a call from the woman, who was withdrawing her application because she had just been offered a job as assistant principal at her own alma mater, and the prospect of going home to work in the school where she’d grown up was, in her words, “too exciting to pass up.”

I’m glad she found a good fit. I’m even more glad that she isn’t coming to stay at the Tumbleweed. I’m sure I would have extended all the usual courtesies, but I’m equally sure it would have been a strain to smile and wish her luck when I secretly wanted her to crash and burn.

I asked whether that meant Grant was getting the job. Dr. Scherer was pretty coy about it and reminded me that the superintendent can only make recommendations, as the final decision lies with the school board … but I caught an amused twinkle in his eye as he said, “Sierra, an old journalist should know that I can’t comment on a personnel matter.”

The school board meets Monday night. I am half-tempted to close the Tumbleweed so I can go to the meeting….

— Sierra


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