Breathing again

Isn’t it funny how you sometimes forget to breathe, and you don’t realize it until you start again?

The school board officially hired Grant tonight. There wasn’t any real doubt that they would — his only competition was awful, and Dr. Scherer really liked him — but I guess I was more worried about it than I realized, because when they came out of closed session and took a vote, it was like I’d been literally holding my breath for days. Air just exploded out of my lungs, and I couldn’t do anything but close my eyes and whisper, “Thank God. Thank you, God” over and over until I remembered I was supposed to text Grant and tell him how the vote went.

Joey wants to make a big poster for the lobby that says, “Welcome to Coldwater, Principal Loucks.”

I promised him we’d go get some poster board for that purpose tomorrow, but he has to make the poster himself. I’m trying to teach him to write more than just his name. Joyce helped him make cards for Miss Shirley and me for Mother’s Day. He did a pretty good job. I’ll have to scan mine and post it when I get a hand free.

— Sierra


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