I don’t get it, either.

I was hanging out the laundry this morning when a car pulled up across the road, and two people got out: a man carrying a pogo stick, and a woman carrying a video camera.

They came across the street and stood in front of the Tumbleweed, where the man proceeded to get on the pogo stick and bounce west on 66 toward Sangre Mesa while the woman videotaped him. Five minutes later, I saw him bounce back. He made about a half-dozen trips back and forth, and then they went back across the street, got in their car, and drove off without so much as a wave.

If you need proof of the existence of a merciful and loving God, you might start with the fact that this performance occurred while Joey was at the convenience store. The last thing I need is for him to decide that he needs a pogo stick….

— Sierra


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