Anticip …

(Say it!)

Gratuitous Tim Curry reference aside, I really am dying of anticipation.

It is exactly 21 days until I see Grant again.

His last day of school is June 3. I think the kids actually get out on the second, but the teachers aren’t out until the third. He’s hoping to tie up all his loose ends and get his office cleaned out by then so he can leave town the next morning.

Dr. Scherer’s secretary overnighted Grant’s contract to him Tuesday morning. He FedExed it back yesterday afternoon and then spent the evening packing up all his books, winter clothes, and all but the most essential dishes.

Here is how awesome Joyce and Dr. Scherer are: Instead of leaving Grant to try to figure out how to get two Volvos and a U-Haul trailer from Flagstaff to Coldwater by himself, Dr. Scherer is going to take me to Albuquerque so I can rent a car to Flagstaff and bring the P1800 back for Grant while Joyce babysits the Tumbleweed. The prospect of driving that beautiful car 450 miles down Route 66 both thrills and terrifies me. I hope I don’t kill the engine in front of Grant. Between the Firebird and my truck, I’m pretty good at driving a stick, but an unfamiliar transmission always requires a different touch, and I will be totally embarrassed if I get off to a dorky start.

Speaking of dorky, is it weird that I bought a bunch of men’s magazines the other day just so I could sniff all the cologne samples in the hopes of finding one that matched Grant’s aftershave?

— Sierra



  1. redforkhippie · May 13, 2010

    I don’t think it’s dorky. I would totally do something like that. You should go up to Santa Fe and hit the cologne counter at Dillard’s to see if you can figure out the scent.

  2. Gracie · May 18, 2010

    Now sniffing men’s deodorants might be a little creepier…

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