I forgot to mention this the other day, but I’ve gone jogging three more times this week. I got up early Monday morning and did two miles, using a stopwatch to time my jogging and walking intervals. My rule is that I jog for five minutes and then walk for five minutes. (Do you have any idea how long five minutes really is?)

I did the same thing on Tuesday, and then I lengthened the jogging parts to six minutes today and shortened the walking parts to four.

I am not going to set any land-speed records or run any marathons any time soon, but I’d like to be able to jog out to Sangre Mesa, hike to the top, and jog back by the time Grant gets out here. If I can do that, I can probably keep up with him. Maybe. I hope.

On an unrelated note, the culvert is still full of water, and the CSNY kittens are still in my lobby. They’re cute, but I think Young is going to launch his solo career pretty soon while his bandmates go off to jam with the other free kittens at the feed store, because I have neither the energy nor the will to keep up with four cats, a dog, a motel, and Joey all at once.

— Sierra


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