This and that

We’ve been busy this evening. A woman from Indiana and a nice couple from Pennsylvania checked in a couple of hours ago, and a British biker showed up a little later. They were all taking Route 66 trips, so they spent a long time sitting around the lobby, discussing the merits of various alignments and swapping road stories.

I got a note today from an organization called Friends of the Mother Road, offering to repaint my sign this summer. Apparently one of the founders is a teacher and wants to use part of her summer to do some historic preservation along the road. She saw my sketch of the sign I’ve been planning to order and said if I’d buy the paint and let her crash here for a couple of days, she’d come out and do the work for free. I’m thinking about taking her up on it. I love Rudy’s work over in Tucumcari, but the idea of having the sign painted for free — and possibly getting some free publicity for the Tumbleweed at the same time — is really almost too good to pass up.

Speaking of signs, Joey has been working very hard on a sign welcoming Grant to Coldwater. He’s using individual sheets of paper, with one letter written on each sheet, to make a banner that says, “WELCOME, PRINCIPAL LOUCKS!” I’ve hole-punched the top corners of each sheet and stuck looseleaf reinforcements around the holes so we can string them on a long piece of yarn and hang them from the ceiling in the lobby before Grant gets here.

I got a text message from Grant today:

“2 wks = 2 long. school is crazy. 2 much drama. miss yr smile.”

Grant is counting the days, too. *Swoons*

— Sierra


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