Life at the Tumbleweed

This is what the Tumbleweed office looks like. I mention this because I am trying to decide what to do with that empty space to the right of the counter in the lobby. I’m torn between adding another table and chairs or putting in some racks and shelves and filling them with Route 66 merchandise. I think some Tumbleweed Motel T-shirts and coffee mugs would sell fairly well. I’d like to hand out postcards, too, and maybe some kind of small toy for little kids — car bingo cards or coloring books or something.

If you were going to buy a Tumbleweed Motel souvenir, what would it be? I’d like to get some feedback on this before I invest in a lot of inventory. I don’t want to end up with boxes and boxes of T-shirts nobody wants, y’know?

— Sierra



  1. Judy Wallmark · May 23, 2010

    Everybody likes tee shirts – but the size inventory can get hard to handle. S-M-L kidz sizes s-m-l-xl-2xl-3xl for adults….and it costs more for smaller orders. At the museum in Lebanon, the one thing many tourists ask for is a penny smashing machine. They like to collect them from all over….but the machine is a huge investment. Foreign tourists have to watch space, especially on motorcycles. Maybe a few coffee cups, shot glasses & postcards to start & go from there???

  2. Linda · May 25, 2010

    Do something for kids. Travel is boring for the younger set. Sell stuff like you find in Cracker Barrel’s store–low-tech but fun toys from the 50s and 60s, car games, Colorforms, crayons and coloring books,granola bars, chips, etc. Not just dime-store made-in-China usual and customary crap, but real toys, things they can’t get at Walmart. Of see if there are any local craftspeople who need a venue and sell their stuff. If you’re going to give away postcards, see if you can sell your fellow-entrepreneurs in town on some advertising to help fund the project. Include some of the local history to make it something people will want to keep. Lots of ways to go on this. Good luck with it.

  3. tumbleweedmotel · May 25, 2010

    I definitely want to do something fun for little kids, but I need it to be safe, cheap, and quiet. I was thinking about magic slates, Woolly Willy sets, tile games (the kind with the numbers, where you have to slide them around to put them in the right order), or that sort of thing.

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