New project

I think I’ve come up with the perfect thing to hand out to kids who stay at the Tumbleweed. I needed something cheap, safe, and quiet. Somebody posted a comment under my last blog entry, suggesting I look for stuff like the little toys they sell in the gift shop at Cracker Barrel. That made me think of the little wooden jump-the-peg games they put on all the tables, which gave me a great idea for Joey’s math lesson today.

I have a surplus of scrap wood lying around, and Joey is learning about measurements and angles right now, so I’ve given him a new job: We used a protractor and a ruler to make a pattern today, and then he traced the pattern onto plywood for me to cut into triangles. Tomorrow, we’ll drill holes for the pegs to go into, and then Joey will sand the triangles and decorate them with leftover paint from our room remodeling projects. I’ve found a place online where I can get 1,000 golf tees — printed with up to 22 characters — for about $60. The games will cost us less than $1.50 to make and should keep the kids occupied for a few miles.

I wish I could think of an easy way to keep the tees from getting lost, but I’m not sure lost tees are an entirely bad thing — if they’ve got our name on them, it’s free advertising every time a kid leaves one somewhere, and if parents need to replace them, it’s not as if they’re expensive or difficult to find. I might even put extras in ziplock baggies and sell them at cost so the kids have extras for just such an eventuality.

— Sierra

P.S.: Nine days….


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