Within minutes …

Grant just called from Santa Rosa. He should be here in the next 20 minutes.

Joey and Harvey are out front, pacing up and down the block like crazy men. I hope they aren’t creeping out the guests too much.

Harvey is excited because Joey is excited. Joey is excited because he has learned to read “Where the Wild Things Are” since Grant’s last visit and has been gleefully reading it to every little kid who walks into the lobby. He’s dying to ask Grant to help him find where the Wild Things might be on his map.

Meanwhile, I am excited about an idea somebody sent me.

Lillian Redman, who owned the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari for many years, used to have a little card in each room that talked about a prayer for “The Stranger Within Our Gates.” I just got a text message — complete with photo — from somebody who found Miss Lillian’s blessing hanging on the wall in a motel in Missouri.

I am planning to type it up and turn it into a little postcard or something for all my rooms.

— Sierra


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