Good news and bad news

The good news: Grant signed a contract on the house today.

The bad news: It’s so filthy inside that there’s no way he can move in until we’ve gutted it and replaced all the carpets and stuff.

Did I just use the phrase “bad news” to describe this situation? From Grant’s standpoint, I suppose it’s bad news. Inconvenient news, anyway.

From my standpoint … well, Grant is going to be living at the Tumbleweed for the foreseeable future. I get to spend part of my summer helping him clean and paint and install carpet and what-have-you. I’ll have a thousand excuses to hang out at Bill Swinney’s place. And when the summer ends, I will have my own storage shed, because Bill delivered one this afternoon to hold all of Grant’s household stuff. I’ve needed a shed for a long time, and Grant offered to let me have this one in exchange for helping him remodel the house.

His contract at Coldwater High School takes effect July 1. Our goal is to have the house ready and get all his stuff moved in by then.

We’ll start tearing out carpet tomorrow morning….

— Sierra


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