Things I learned today

Here are some things I learned today while Grant and I were working on his house:

1. Cigarette smoke does strange things when it mixes with steam.

2. None of those things really enhances the aesthetic appearance of sky-blue, marble-print paneling.

3. Comet cleanser will not remove 20 years’ worth of nicotine stains from bathroom paneling.

4. It will, however, do interesting things to your lungs if you spend too much time scrubbing at it in the corner where the ceiling meets the wall.

5. *Cough, cough, wheeze, gasp, wheeze, cough, gasp, wheeze, cough, cough*

6. Grant can move really fast. Especially when he hears me wheezing at the top of a ladder.

7. You probably DO NOT want to know what is behind the paneling in your grandmother’s bathroom.

8. We’re going to need a bigger boat.

— Sierra


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