Scorching Sunday

Grant took me to Brother Jerry’s church this morning.

He said he hadn’t been on speaking terms with God in a long time, but when he came to the Tumbleweed and met Joey and me, things in his life started falling into place, and he started feeling like maybe somebody was looking out for him after all. Then he met Brother Jerry, who has — as Grant puts it — “more sense than the average preacher,” and he decided maybe it was time to give God another chance.

I’m not the most religious girl around, but I completely understand where Grant is coming from. Coldwater just has God’s fingerprints all over it.

After church, I made a big salad for lunch, and then Grant and I went over to his house to finish tearing the carpet out of the living room and bedroom. It was 103 degrees outside this afternoon, so we worked out a system where we would spend 45 minutes pulling out carpet and loading it into the truck, and then we would drive down to Scout’s Yellow Snow and spend 15 minutes cooling off with a cup of shaved ice.

It took us three hours and $15 worth of snow cones, but we finally got all the carpet out. Grant was delighted to discover hardwood floors under the carpet. As soon as he gets the power turned on — which could happen as early as tomorrow morning — I’m going to bring my belt sander over and start getting the floors ready to refinish.

I think I’m going to get offline now and see if I can sweet-talk Grant into a backrub before I crash. I’m not terribly sore at the moment, but we’ve got a long day ahead of us tomorrow, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry, right? ;)

— Sierra


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