Well-deserved rest

Joey and the CSNY kittens are in the lobby, playing with a laser pointer Grant picked up for them at the truck stop today. I have no idea why the truck stop was selling laser pointers, but there they were, right next to the register, so Grant bought one while I was outside checking the oil in the truck. The kittens are having a ball chasing the red dot all over my lobby.

I’d had some good intentions about taking Crosby, Stills and Nash down to the feed store yesterday, but after the coyote incident, I decided Joey had gone through enough cat-induced heartache for one week, so the little monsters are still here. Grant says if they’re still in my lobby when he moves out, he’ll take Crosby and Stills with him. I guess I can put up with the other two. They’re bound to settle down eventually. I hope.

Meanwhile, Grant and Harvey and I are sitting out front, watching a storm roll in. It’s somewhere between here and Santa Rosa at the moment. According to my iPod, the temperature has dropped 11 degrees since we came out here an hour and a half ago, and the wind is picking up, so I’m sure we’ll be dashing for cover in a few minutes. In the meantime, I’m enjoying a mocha frappe and a much-needed backrub after spending the past two days on my hands and knees, going over every square inch of Grant’s living-room floor with a belt sander and a tack cloth.

It’s been pretty quiet around here this evening. A couple from Tulsa was supposed to be here at 10, but they called a little while ago to tell us they were running behind because they’d stopped for Indian food at the truck stop in San Jon and didn’t expect to get here before 11. I told them we’d probably still be up, but if we got tired, I’d just leave the key in the door for them and they could pay me in the morning.

For the record, if Grant ever gets tired of being a school administrator, I think he could have a real future in massage therapy….

— Sierra


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