Potty time, excellent

Grant and I took my truck over to Albuquerque today to pick up bathroom paneling and fixtures. The old fixtures were probably usable, but the toilet was an older model that used an unconscionable amount of water per flush, and the finish on the tub was pretty worn, so Grant went ahead and bought replacements for everything.

We had a great idea that involved putting in an entry-level shower stall, with a glass-block wall separating it from the rest of the bathroom, but between the time constraints and our lack of experience with such projects, we decided it was probably wise to keep everything as simple as possible and just relegate the fancy stuff to the “someday” list.

The kitchen appliances — including a fabulous old GE monitor-top refrigerator — are all in good working order, and the linoleum is in pretty good shape, so I think another week should see us clear on the interior work. I’m looking forward to getting that done so we can start working on the roof.

I realize how bizarre that sounds coming out of my mouth after all the whining I’ve done about the heat this week, and even more bizarre in light of all the whining I did before my last roofing project, but if you keep in mind that this project is probably going to resemble nothing so much as a very long 11:30 Diet Coke break, you can understand why I’m a little more willing to put up with the heat and the heights….

— Sierra


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