Mother Roading

I am posting this from Grant’s iPhone at the end of an absolutely wonderful trip to Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Joyce came over last night and got the key to the lobby so she could come in and run the Tumbleweed for me while Grant and I were out of town today.

A normal couple, given the opportunity to spend a day in Santa Fe, would probably poke around the little shops at the Plaza, drink something overpriced in one of the little froufrou taverns around there, and maybe take in a museum or two before heading to La Fonda or the Coyote Cafe for an elegant dinner.

Grant and I did none of the above. Instead, we went shopping at a grocery/bait/hardware store in Pecos, where we grabbed breakfast on the fly (granola bars and oranges) and picked up some tenpenny nails from a bulk bin with the intention of making a bottle tree — a la Elmer Long. In Santa Fe, we paid a short visit to El Rey Inn to wander around the grounds and swipe some landscaping and decorating idea, and then we headed southwest to our real destination: La Bajada Hill.

La Bajada is an original alignment of Route 66 that is now little more than a rugged hiking trail snaking down the side of a steep mesa. It’s not a terribly difficult climb, but it probably burned enough calories to make up for the footlong chili dogs and strawberry milkshakes we had at Albuquerque’s famous Dog House. The Dog House does two things right: It makes the best chili dogs on the Mother Road, and it uses artificial strawberry syrup instead of chunky strawberry ice cream topping in its shakes. Awesome stuff.

After lunch, we poked around Nob Hill Furniture for a few minutes to see if they had anything Grant wanted to put in his house (he didn’t find anything, but I ordered a bubble chair for the lobby) before wandering over to Tijeras to visit an awesome little open-air arts market.

A bowl of posole at El Comedor closed out our adventures as we headed back home. At this writing, we are cruising down 66 somewhere between Santa Rosa and Coldwater with the windows down and the cool evening air whipping through our hair.

Life is good.

— Sierra


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