For reasons I cannot begin to comprehend, Harvey got up sometime around 3 o’clock Monday morning, sauntered into the lobby, and proceeded to demolish my DSL router.

Grant and I went to Tucumcari today and bought a replacement router.

A sane person would probably buy a replacement dog, too, but Harvey redeemed himself yesterday when a twitchy, drug-addled man walked into the lobby and announced that he needed a place to stay.

I offered him my special meth-addict rate (three nights for $480) and explained the house rules. He became very agitated and began moving toward the end of the counter as if he meant to come around to where I was standing.

Before I could react, Harvey — sweet, goofy, affectionate Harvey, who usually has to be told to stop nuzzling people and clamoring for attention when he meets them — put himself between my visitor and me, raised his hackles, and let out the most menacing growl I’ve ever heard.

The guy called me a “crazy bitch” with a “damn crazy dog” and took off.

Grant is taking me to a shooting range this weekend….

— Sierra


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