Last time I had to give any real thought to a deadline, I was shooting a Cubs-Cardinals game on what would turn out to be the last night of my photojournalism career.

With Grant’s contract set to take effect this Thursday, we were under a certain amount of deadline pressure to finish replacing his roof.

This wouldn’t have been a major issue, except Grant managed to fall off the roof Saturday afternoon, necessitating a hell-for-leather trip to the emergency room in Santa Rosa. He didn’t break anything, but he sprained his left ankle and dinged himself up thoroughly enough that the doctor told him to let somebody else finish the roof. I’ll let you guess who wound up spending the next two days up a ladder while a very frustrated Grant supervised from the ground.

Fortunately, small houses have small roofs, so it didn’t take me terribly long to finish the job. I am now sitting outside the Tumbleweed with a big glass of lemonade, listening to the silence of Coldwater at 1 a.m. and enjoying the fact that my plate is finally more or less clear.

In case I haven’t said so lately: Joyce Scherer is worth her weight in gold. I had a motorcycle group scheduled to come in Saturday night, so Joyce came over and checked them in while Grant and I were in Santa Rosa. She came back over first thing Sunday morning and took care of the laundry so I would have to whole day to work on the roof. I need to come up with a really good thank-you gift for her, because she has been a huge help around here.

I know she has sort of a vested interest in helping me help Grant settle in, what with Dr. Scherer being Grant’s boss and all, but she’s really gone above and beyond.

— Sierra


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