Clingy dog

I’m not sure why, but Harvey has been terribly clingy today. He usually comes in and wants attention in the morning, but after a good cuddle, he’s content to curl up on a rug in the lobby and relax for most of the day. For some reason, he couldn’t rest today.

He started the morning by jumping up on the bed and trying to burrow under the covers when I told him to move. Then he stood right behind me while I was making breakfast … and got stepped on twice for his efforts. When I sat down to eat, he jumped up on the couch and tried to attach himself to me like a barnacle, and he followed me all over the property the whole time I was doing laundry and turning over rooms.

I have no idea what’s gotten into him. Collies are weird, and rescues are weirder, but this is weird even by Harvey’s standards. Grant says Harvey reminds him of himself at age 5, when he dreamed that his mom had been kidnapped by aliens or something and wouldn’t let her out of his sight for days afterward.

Do dogs have nightmares?

— Sierra


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