I’ve spent most of this week stripping for Grant, and I’m just about worn out.

It wasn’t nearly as sexy as it sounds. No nudity was involved; I just reglued Grant’s rickety old kitchen chairs and stripped the paint off of them so I could repaint them.

I’d like to do something really cute and creative with them, but Grant says there is a fine line between being secure with one’s masculinity and being willing to live in a house that looks like a float in the Greenwich Village pride parade. My notions about interior design apparently fall on the wrong side of that line, so I just painted the chairs white and called it good.

To thank me for my handiwork, Grant is going to run the Tumbleweed for me tomorrow night while I take Joey to Tucumcari to see Toy Story 3 at the Odeon. Joey is a big fan of the Pixar movies, so he is very excited about this. I hope the little three-eyed aliens are in this one a lot. I love those little guys.

— Sierra


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