Busy weekend

We were at 100 percent occupancy last night, and we’re already booked up again tonight. I haven’t even had time to print out my Sandberg picture and frame it yet.

You can’t believe the rain we’ve had here lately. It’s storming like crazy. I feel sorry for the travelers; a lot of them have no idea how to drive in a downpour like this, and of course they were expecting the desert to be nice and dry. Harvey and the cats absolutely hate this weather. They’re scared of the thunder and lightning, and Harvey staunchly refuses to go outside when it’s raining. I have to try to catch him between storms and put him out. As soon as he sees the puddles, he gives me this reproachful look, as if to say, “Oh, Mom, how could you?” but I figure it’s easier for him to deal with puddles outside than it is for me to deal with them inside, so out he goes, like it or not.

I’m sure if I ever scrape up the money to get my sign relit, I’ll hate thunderstorms as much as my animals do, but right now, I’m perfectly content to curl up in a chair and listen to the rain.

— Sierra


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