More rain

I don’t have much to report around here lately. The rain is still coming down in buckets, but it hasn’t had much effect on tourism, as far as I can tell. We’re just getting a lot of really wet guests and handing out a lot of coffee and cocoa to drenched bikers.

The rain dislodged something from the culvert yesterday. Joey came in with a Rubbermaid box containing a wet notepad and an assortment of random objects. We went through it and figured out it was a geocache. If you’re not familiar with it, geocaching is a sort of treasure-hunting game in which you use GPS coordinates to find containers that people have hidden. The containers will have a log inside, and some of them also have little toys and trinkets in them. When you find a geocache, you write your name in the log, post your find on the geocaching Web site, and — if you feel like it — take a trinket from the box and leave something of equal value in its place.

It looks like fun. Joey and I e-mailed the person who placed this cache to let him know it needed attention. We’re going to make it more watertight and help the owner rehide it when the rain stops. We’re also putting some little trinkets of our own in there.

— Sierra


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