Still raining

Judging from the tumbleweeds scurrying down Route 66, we’ve got another nasty storm blowing in. I wish I had a cistern. I could save a lot of money on water bills if I could harvest some of the rain that’s been running off my roof lately.

I finally got my picture printed and framed. I put it in a shadowbox with the baseball card and my game tickets and — is this too dorky? — the marker Ryno used to sign it. I think it turned out pretty well.

I hung it behind the front desk, much to the delight of a couple from Chicago who checked in right after dinner. Their first date was June 23, 1984. He took her to Wrigley Field.

They were even more delighted when I told them I happened to own a Cubs DVD set that included that entire game. I made them some kettle corn (the closest I could get to Cracker Jack on the spur of the moment) and let them watch the game in the lobby.

I really ought to put DVD players in my rooms and let people check out movies to watch while they’re here. I bet that would go over really well.

— Sierra


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