Approaching autumn

Fall is approaching. I can feel it as I sit out here in front of the Tumbleweed, sharing a mug of hot cider and a plate of chocolate-chip cookies with Grant. Joey spent most of the evening in the lobby, watching the movie Benji with a preacher and his family from Oxford, Miss. I made them a big bowl of kettle corn and a batch of cookies. I’m thinking about caramel apples. I always think about caramel apples this time of year. Maybe I’ll make some this week.

Coldwater’s fall festival is coming together pretty nicely. We’re going to have a big chili cook-off, with special only-in-New-Mexico categories: green chile stew, posole, menudo. The Chamber president is trying to track down a company to set up some inflatables for the kids, and the high-school band and chorus are going to perform. We’re thinking about doing a craft show, too, if we can get any takers, and the church ladies are planning a bake sale. It won’t be fancy, but it will be pretty nice for a first-year event, I think.

— Sierra


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