Go, Roadrunners!

I put a “call if you need a room” sign on the door tonight and took Joey to the Roadrunners’ football game. The booster club sponsored a bonfire out near Sangre Mesa before the game, with free hot dogs and s’mores for everybody who cared to show up.

I had a lot of fun talking to some of the kids. They were really patient and kind with Joey. They wanted to know if he was my dad and why he called me “Sissy” and how I ended up taking care of him. Some of the boys teased Grant good-naturedly, telling him I was too pretty for him, and several of the girls wanted to know how Grant and I met and why I fell in love with him and whether we were going to get married. (This prompted a lengthy discussion about when each of them planned to get married and what sort of wedding they would like to have. Teenage girls are so funny — they’re all hopeless romantics.) The quarterback promised to score a touchdown just for me.

In case you are wondering, the Roadrunners won tonight, 21-6.

— Sierra


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