Big step

Joey took a big step forward tonight. We’ve been working on addition and subtraction and making change for several months now. He counts his tips every day and keeps track of how much money he earns, how much he spends, and how much he has left. He thinks this is great fun.

Tonight, his lessons in personal finance went to the next level when a woman from Oklahoma came in to rent a room, and I let Joey run her credit-card transaction. We have a seriously old-school credit-card processing system — we’re talking carbons and everything — and it takes several steps to run a card. Joey did all of them and beamed from ear to ear when he handed the lady a receipt to sign. The lady was very patient with him, which I appreciated. I think she understood what I was trying to do.

I’m not going to leave him in charge of the lobby while I go out of town any time soon, but Joey is definitely a much bigger help than he used to be. I’m really proud of him.

— Sierra


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