How cool.

Grant was late to dinner tonight, because he stayed after school to see what was going on in one of his teachers’ classrooms. A second-year English teacher noticed a bunch of her kids were falling behind on their assignments, so she stayed after school until about 6 o’clock to help any of the students who wanted to stay late. She brought in a bunch of snacks to motivate the kids and to let them know she cared about them, and whatever work they did was graded and recorded on the spot so they could see how much difference a little effort could make in their grades.

Grant said it was really inspiring to see how well the kids responded. Some of them were having trouble with other subjects, and he wound up sticking around later than he’d planned to help tutor them.

I told him to let me know if this teacher decides to hold another tutoring session, because I would certainly be happy to donate some cookies and kettle corn to the cause.

I love it that Grant is willing to stay after school for the better end of three hours just to hang out with the kids and help them with their homework. Something about that reminds me of the principal I had when I was in first grade. Mr. Morris would always make homemade ice cream in the cafeteria and hand out little scoops of it as rewards for good behavior, high test scores, cleaning our plates at lunch, etc., etc., etc. It wasn’t particularly great ice cream, because he had to make it out of powdered eggs and government-issue sugar and milk and stuff, but the taste wasn’t really the important part. The important part was that it was a reward, and it was a reward that Mr. Morris had taken the time and effort to make especially for us. We knew he loved us, because he made us ice cream.

Nearly three decades later, if I close my eyes, I can almost taste that ice cream.

I’d like to think that Mr. Morris would approve of Grant. They have the same sensibility about what school should be and what a principal is supposed to do.

— Sierra


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