Sign of the Apocalypse

There are only three things in this beautiful nation of ours that I truly loathe:

1. The interstate.
2. The neoconservative movement.
3. The New York Yankees.

That being said, I really need for Joe Girardi to stay the hell out of the Friendly Confines, and the odds of that happening are much higher if he has another World Series ring to tie him to New York … so for only the second* time in my life, I actually uttered the phrase “Go, Yankees!” this evening.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

I also think I secretly want to be Mariano Rivera when I grow up, but if you tell anybody I said that, I’ll have to hurt you.

— Sierra

* The first was in 2001, for obvious reasons.


One comment

  1. Laurel · October 7, 2010

    Well, you got two out of three right. Go, Yankees!!!! :-)

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